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What you will get

A PHP Tutorial

for creating a world class Uber like instant taxi booking web app from scratch. Explained by experts in a Step-by-step manner.

Step-by-Step PHP programming tutorial

Explaining the process of setting up the driver side app, user side app and managing them both in the admin panel and how to develop their respective features

Full Source code of the Web Script (worth $500)

Using which you can instantly deploy and run a stunning live taxi booking app like Uber

What you will learn

Web app development

Hands on creating a taxi booking script like UBER using PHP & MySQL Database. Also you get great training on Namespace, Class, Sessions, MVC, Curl, Ajax, OOP, Object oriented programming, Calender, Cookie, Soap, PHP authentication, API etc.

Laravel development

Hands on creating a taxi booking script like UBER using Laravel php and MySQL

All Things location

Everything you need for structuring things around location features in the web!

Server side code

Every detail you need to know on connecting the Apps with the server and processing the business logic.

Who is this for ?

Uber for web tutorial

Non-tech Entrepreneurs

Who wanna create a realtime UBER like web based app script. Just download this tutorial along with the FREE source code & give it to any novice developer and get the site up and running in a snap!


Laravel php enthusiasts

This unique tutorial explains how to start with the best php framework out there. Laravel has lots of features that helps developers create an app and bring it upto speed in no time. This tutorial implements loads of such features!

Uber for web tutorial


This ebook helps you hit the road running ! The tutorial is constructed in a manner to teach you the making of a world class web app in a step-by-step manner. This tutorial gets you to take a giant leap, from beginner to PRO!

Sample pages from book

- Preface

- Roadmap to this book

- Getting started

- Installation of Laravel

- Installation of Uberforx package

- Configuration Guide

- Users

- User menu

- Provider

- Provider menu

- Admin

- Admin Menu

- Conclusion

Installation of Laravel

Install Laravel with the help of Laravel installer. To know more on how to do this deed and create first project in Laravel. Click here:

Create a virtual Host

To uncomplicate things, Virtual Hosts are essential to run more than one domain on a single IP address. In this tutorial, we have stated a step-by-step guide to create a virtual host.

Creation of New directory

Creation of new directory will help you store new information of the website. This location will be your Document Root in the Apache virtual configuration file.
sudo mkdir -p /var/www/ public_html
To test if your virtual host is successfully working, you would have to designate an IP address or an actual DNS approved domain. For convenience we have named it for some easy reference.

Granting Permissions

Permission should be granted to the user for accessing the directory.
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /var/www/
Also, ensure that everyone can read all the new files.
sudo chmod -R 755 /var/www

Creating a Page

You can create a new file within the configurations directory called index.html by using the code,
sudo nano /var/www/
Feel free to add some text to the file so that you have something to look at when the IP redirects to the virtual host.
Save this and Exit.

Creating New Virtual Host File

The following step would involve setting up the apache configuration setting. You can do so by applying the code:
sudo cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/default /etc/apache2/sites-available/

Activating Virtual Hosts

You can do this by opening up the new configuration file where the virtual host is going to be set up:
sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/
While turning on the virtual host the first step would include inserting a line for the ServerName under the ServerAdmin line. This is important as the ServerName specifies the domain name that the virtual host uses.
You can also make your site accessible from than one name. All you need to do is include alternate names in your virtual host by adding a ServerAlias Line. The beginning of your virtual host file would then look like this:
'\<'VirtualHost *:80'\>'

1 ServerAdmin
3 ServerName
5 ServerAlias

The subsequent step would include correctly filling up the Document Root. You would have to write in the extension of the new directory that you created in Step 5.1.
Remember that you would not be able to set up the virtual host if document roots are absent or filled in incorrectly.
The section should look like this: DocumentRoot/var/www/
No other changes would be needed in this file. Save and Exit.
Last step in this process would be to activate the host with all the built in apache shortcut: sudo a2ensite

Restarting Apache

All the above mentioned changes made to the configuration to set up a virtual host will not take effect until you have restarted the Apache.
The command used to perform this function is: sudo service apache2 restart
The following error may flash on your screen
“Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName”
The message is just a warning. No further issues will be experienced while you are accessing your virtual host.

Check How Your Virtual Host looks Online

Congrats!! By following the above mentioned steps you have successfully finished setting up your virtual host.You can check to see how it looks online by simply punching in your IP address into the browser.

Installation of Uberforx Package

1. Extract the zip file into your local directory
2. Create a database in your MySQL
3. Open app/config/database.php and fill the database credentials.
4. Then visit and the installation script should start.
5. Follow the instructions on screen and enter all required information.

Note: Make sure you add a cronjob to run every minute for the command: curl

1. Then visit your local domain, say its The index page should come up.

And you are all set to go. 1. Now, you can customize your admin panel by visiting
2. For the first time, you will be asked to create admin. From next time, you will be navigated directly to the admin login page.

To customize the configuration, follow the configuration guide.

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  • Table Of Contents

  • Chapter I

    - Installation of Laravel
  • Chapter II

    - Intallation of Uberforx Package

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Design files!

Can this day get any better ?!

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Ebook content overview

Uber for web tutorial

The approach

We wanted to transfer the knowledge required to create an industry standard app, so the learner can get an hands on experience to create a complex app and hit the road running

Uber for web tutorial

Entire Source code

As a FREE bonus this tutorial comes with the entire source code of the app. Using this source code, you can instantly launch a whatsapp like app instantly.

Uber for web tutorial

Installation guide

This tutorial also comes with a detailed step-by-step installation manual. Using this even a person without any tech knowledge can build and host the app in the app store.

Uber for web tutorial


From the start to the end the author takes you from the login module to all modules in the app. The making of each and every screen and module is explanied in detail along with screen shots and code samples.

Messages from readers

Uber for web tutorial

Adhelia Charles

" I have always been fascinated by the laravel framework and tried various sites for learning the same. But none of this even comes close to how detailed and explanative as this ebook is. The writer of this ebook has made sure that every single line of code is explained reasonably and understandable. A sure thumbs up for this book :)"

Uber for web tutorial

Sam Soffes

" There are certain things that developers get stuck with when coding. It needs practice to get it into perfection. But with this book, any developer can build a laravel based uber like taxi booking web app from scratch without any struggle. Even the tiniest details that can cause the code to error are clearly sorted out in this book! "

Uber for web tutorial

Danil Ishutin

"Wonderful. Just wonderful. For $49, you get a world class tutorial on how to create a taxi booking web app and get source code which you can edit easily with the help of the same manual and this comes with a installation instructions to deploy and test your app as well!!!! I will never get a better deal than this anyday anywhere else...."

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