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Android CardView

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This tutorial will exemplifies the readers to create an Application that will provide the user a stream news feeds using the CardView the latest Android Lollipop Material Design concept.


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What you will get

An Ebook

It is a downright manual for implementing the Card view to improve its interface. The guidelines mentioned in the book will lend a hand to those who want to implement the latest Card view into their application.

Do-It-Yourself Experience

You can integrate Card view into the interface all by yourself using this ultimate guide that takes you forward to adorn the look and feel of the list view items.

Step-by-Step Learning

Since Card view is the newest feature launched, the book focuses on the implementation of the evolved list view for the interface.

What you will learn

About RecyleView and CardView

Learn how to implement CardView to display dataset in your application with rich UI.

Use the Adapter And LayoutManager

it fetches the data from the dataset to display the information in the Application.

Who is this for ?


The start-up kings are looking forward to implement catchy UI to attract the customers can use this book to make the UI of the Application more Vibrant.


The Android chaps, who have been using ListView are looking for advanced features to put into service for the Application, CardView can evolve the look and usage of the application to a greater extend.


The excited learners can make use of the illustration to learn an advance topic of ListView i.e CardView and Recycleview.

Messages from readers

John L. Justice

"CardView is a wonderful Layout. Thanks you guys for providing this part of Android."

Mary D. Willis

"I had implemented ListView but CardView seems exciting! I will surely use this to make my App better."

Amy D. Lovell

"CardView And RecyleView is latest in Android and the illustration in this is phenomenal."

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An expert Tutorial on
Android CardView

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