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This eBook serves as a quick cookbook for all those enthusiasts ready to devour Android’s ambrosia in a jiff. To make things more convenient for the developers, there is a shift in loyalty from the hands-down favorite Eclipse to the newbie game-changer Android Studio.


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What you will get

A comprehensive eBook

that will help you understand Android and Android Studio Better.

The entire source code and tutorial

for simple app developments that will help you get practical insight on how to use Android Studio and lead you to build small Android apps.

What you will learn


This book will provide all the information you need to know to master Android development.

Android Studio

Provides you with details of how to work and build apps using this framework.

All Things Essential

Learn everything you need to know about Android development and Android Studio so that you are equipped with the right knowledge to build your very own kickass application.

Who is this for ?

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Having in-depth knowledge about Android development gives you an edge over your competitors. If you are someone who is looking to outrun competition then this eBook is all that you need. With this eBook, equip yourself with valuable knowledge that will help you build your very own awesome Android app.


Android enthusiasts

For developers who want to master the art of Android Development, this eBook is your guide. The best part is that the information is not scattered and is presented to you in a systematic and practical manner. By the end of it all you will graduate to being the most sought after Android developer in town.

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For beginners that swear by practical learning, this book is your savior. The approach taken by the author is simple where even complex details have been explained with relative ease. This eBook lets you take a giant leap, from beginner to PRO!

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual!

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Messages from readers

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Anna Sherly

"The book is indeed a complete reference for beginners who want to learn Android. I have successfully developed my first application with the adequate help provided in the book."

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Rebecca Ivan

"For people who are seeking the right source to master Android development, this book provides precise yet convincing tutorial to kick-start the application building process."

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Collin Phillips

"As I am eagerly waiting for the next release, I would strongly recommend this book to all the beginners to sharpen their Android skill."

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An expert Tutorial on
Beginner’s Android
Studio Tonic

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