Wire Transfer helps us keep the price low... HOW?

(Service Tax 15% Extra for Indian Customers)


Beneficiary Bank : HDFC

Beneficiary Name : Proven Logic

Beneficiary Account Number : 50200007437252

Branch Name :HDFC BTM Layout Bangalore


Correspondent Bank Details :Click here for reference

(i.e. Bank Name, HDFC banks Account number with the Correspondent bank and the Swift Code)

Please remit USD XXXXX (currency and amount)
to HDFC Bank Account Number 001-1-406717 (HDFC Corr. Bank A/c No.)
with  JPMorgan Chase Bank, ,(Corr Bank Name) 
NEW YORK (City of Corr bank) 
Swift Code CHASUS33(Swift Code of Corr bank) 

for further credit to account number: 50200007437252 (HDFC Bank A/c number receiving the Funds)
Account Name: PROVEN LOGIC  
Branch: BTM Layout (branch) 
State: Karnataka ,
Country: India

Once the Bank Transfer is done please shoot a mail to : contact@scriptmode.com& ramesh@provenlogic.net with the following information

Subject : Paid via. Bank wire transfer for < the product name you have purchased >

Body :

Your name : Eg. Nancy

Your Email : Eg. nancy@gmail.com

Amount paid : Eg. $1999

From Bank : Eg. Bank of America

Transaction ID : < Any reference number for verification or screenshot >


Why do you insist on a Wire Transfer?

We provide SO much for for just $199

To make this possible, we need to save where ever possible:

- We save HUGE on the PAYPAL fee.

- We save HUGE on the Dollar conversion.

- We save HUGE on the PAYPAL to Bank transaction fee.

- We save HUGE on local Tax

...and all this is passed on as a discount to our customers ie. YOU!

How will I get the product after payment?

You will get the product in your inbox in the next 1 hour!

We have agents watching the payments 24/7. The moment you make the payment and send out the mail, we will verify it instantly and initiate an automated download link, that will reach your INBOX instantly.

Using this link you can download the product from our servers

Contact Us

Shoot a mail to contact@scriptmode.com

What Do You Get?

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