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The Author walks you through the experience of building an end-to-end world class app like Whatsapp for IOS & ANDROID


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What you will get

An IOS tutorial

for creating a world class Whatsapp like live messaging app from scratch. Explained by experts in a Step-by-step manner.

An Android tutorial

for creating a world class Whatsapp like app from scratch. Explained by experts in a Step-by-step manner.

Step-by-Step development tutorial

explaining the process of setting up the app, building it and submitting it in the App store and Play store.

Full Source code of the apps ( both IOS & Android )

Using which you can instantly deploy and run a stunning live messaging app like Whatsapp

What you will learn

IOS app development

Hands on creating a Messaging app like Whatsapp

Live Android app development

Learn to create the Whatsapp android efficiently

Inside messaging

Know how Everything works inside the Whatsapp clone script

All Things location

Learn to send location from the app and many features that make whatsapp great

All things Media

Everything you need for sending files across in a live chat such as media files, pictures etc.

All things Social

This whatsapp tutorial explains the making of important features of the messaging apps with realtime code.

Server side code

You get a well detailed know how on connecting the Apps with the server and processing the business logic.

OpenGL and more

Live hands on training to use OpenGL to bring in those much wanted visual effects inside the apps.

Algorithms and more

This Tutorial explains the algorithm and the underlying logic behind things that make it work. Rest is your creativity. Make the Best.

All things Essential

Yes - you get to learn to create TONs of essential features that are used in any mobile app!

Who is this for ?

ios tutorial

Non-tech Entrepreneurs

Who wants to create a real-time messaging app like WHATSAPP for IOS & Android. Just download this tutorial along with the FREE source code & give it to any novice developer and get the app up and running in a snap!


Android & IOS enthusiasts

This unique tutorial is the first of its kind ! It is a step by step tutorial for creating a hot & happening app like Whatsapp. Executing the steps inside will instantly make you a PRO mobile app developer.

ios tutorial


This ebook helps you hit the road running ! The tutorial is constructed in a manner to teach you the making of a world class app in a step-by-step manner. This tutorial gets you to take a giant leap, from beginner to PRO!

Sample pages from book

- Preface

- About the Author

- Prerequisites

- What You'll Need

- Your Roadmap to iOS development

- How this book is organized

- Setting up your workspace

- Installation Instruction

- Getting Started

- Registration

- Building the favorites screen

- Building the status screen

- Building the contacts screen

- Building the Chat Module

- 1. Available after download

- 2. Available after download

- 3. Available after download

- Integrating other features

- 1. Available after download

- 2. Available after download

- 3. Available after download

- 4. Available after download

- The settings screen

- External API's used

- Submitting your app to the app store

- 1. Available after download

- 2. Available after download

- 3. Available after download

- 4. Available after download

Chapter I - What You'll Need?

You will need a few things before you go any further in iOS development:

A modern Mac running the current or previous generation of Mac OS—As of the writing of this book, Mac OS X Mountain Lion (v. 10.8) is the latest version with Mavericks just around the corner(not used for this book). Ideally you want to use the latest OS, have at least 8GB of RAM, and lots of disk space.

An iOS device—Although Xcode includes a desktop simulator for developing apps, you will need to run your app on an actual device to make sure it works correctly. It is helpful to have the same kinds of units your target customers are likely to use to make sure your app works well on all of them.

An Internet connection—You will need to be able to download development resources. At some point, you might also want to test wireless app functionality. And of course, you will want to ship your app.

Chapter II - Your Roadmap to iOS Development

One book can’t be everything to everyone. Try as we might, if we were to pack everything you need to know into this book, you wouldn’t be able to pick it up. There is, indeed, a lot you need to know to develop for the Mac and iOS platforms. If you are just starting out and don’t have any programming experience, your first course of action should be to take a college-level course in the C programming language.

When you know C and how to work with a compiler (something you’ll learn in that basic C course), the rest should be easy. From there, you can hop right on to Objective-C and explore how to program with it alongside the Cocoa frameworks. To truly master Apple development, you need to look at a variety of sources: books, blogs, mailing lists, Apple’s documentation, and, best of all, conferences. If you get the chance to attend WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference), you’ll know what we’re talking about. The time you spend at conferences talking with other developers, and in the case of WWDC, talking with Apple’s engineers, is well worth the expense if you are a serious developer.

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  • Table Of Contents

  • Chapter I

    - What You'll need?
  • Chapter II

    - Roadmap to iOS Development

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Design files!

Can this day get any better ?!

Not convinced? scroll down further


Ebook content overview

ios tutorial

The approach

We wanted to transfer the knowledge required to create an industry standard app, so the learner can get a hands on experience to create a complex app and hit the road running

ios tutorial

Entire Source code

As a FREE bonus, this tutorial comes with the entire source code of the app. Using this source code, you can instantly launch a whatsapp like app instantly.

ios tutorial

Installation guide

This tutorial also comes with a detailed step-by-step installation manual. Using this even a person without any tech knowledge can build and host the app in the app store.

ios tutorial

Screen-by-screen making

From the start to the end the author takes you from the login module to all modules in the app. The making of each and every screen and module is explained in detail along with screen shots and code samples.

ios tutorial

Social login

The author explains in detail how to create the facebook login and pull the required data using the facebook API's along with best practices, advice and suggestions.

ios tutorial

Push notifications

One of the important feature in any app is the push notification. You'll get to learn how to impliment Push notifications in real time with code samples and an implimentation guide.

ios tutorial


One of the most interesting feature in an app like Whatsapp is the amazing Groups and chat feature it has. You get to learn how to program and bring such powerful chat groups live in your app.

ios tutorial

3rd party libraries

Also explained in detail in this tutorial are implementation of various 3rd party libraries like Actionbarsherlock, Fragments, Volley etc. to increase the efficiency of the app tremendously.

Messages from readers

ios tutorial

Vasilka ANTON

" I've been to Udemy, Lynda etc. to get a hold of IOS programming. I should admit that this ios tutorial is something that none others offer. The best part is the author gives you a clean step-by-step explanation of each and every module. Finishing the tutorial, you have already created a live app ! Its just amazing :) "

ios tutorial

Dayne Royden

"...You cant learn swimming from just reading about it. These guys have taken a fantastic approach of structuring the entire app development tutorial in a very hands on manner. The book is filled with tips and information that any developer will face in real-time & the solutions. And yeah, the Free source code & installation guide is something that by itself is worth 10 times the cost!"

ios tutorial

Fabio Sebastiano

"Not only I now have a niche messaging app like Whatsapp running for my school, but I also have full control of what is happening where by just surfing through the tutorial. It was a breeze to customize the design of the FREE source code and tweak a couple of features and host it all by my own in the app stores. Its 100% worth the money I spent. Thanks folks - keep up the good work!"

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