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Your guide to create awesome Virtual Reality games & simulations.

This is a comprehensive tutorial to get you started with 3D modeling, Game Development, Game Programming, Blender, Unity & Integrating your project to Oculus Rift for a Virtual Reality experience.


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What you will get

A comprehensive guide

You get a complete eBook with step-by-step explanation of how to go about with 3D modeling and texturing in Blender, importing 3D object to Unity, animating and creating games and finally using the Oculus Unity Integration package to make Virtual Reality games or simulations. The eBook comes in .ePub, .PDF and .Mobi formats.

Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Tutorial

To start with, there are games that simulate surgery. This time we’ve come up with not just a DIY tutorial, but a working demo of our health care simulator. And now that we have it ready to be showcased, we are also taking the effort to teach you how we made it. So go ahead and make the most of it.

Step-by-Step Learning

The book not only enables you to develop the acumen to start programming in C# for games, it also takes care of the basic needs to learn and understand things from the scratch, like basic animations, 3D Modeling, texturing etc.

What you will learn

Virtual Reality Medical Simulation

You will learn how to create virtual reality medical simulations. Real-time virtual simulations of medical environments such as hospitals, clinics, and emergency response stations are in huge demand today. You get to learn things that can get you a lot of traction.

A sneak peek into the world of 3D

You get a sneak peek into the world of 3D Modeling using Maya and 3ds Max. You will learn modeling surfaces, texture mapping, and animation basics.

Unity & Oculus Rift

Learn how to create a complete game of your own using Unity. In-fact we have a 20-step exercise for you to create your own game. Next you will learn to integrate the game to Oculus Rift.


Blender is one of the most popular tools for 3D modeling and animations these days. Here’s your chance to master the art with this tutorial.

Who is this for ?

Uber for web tutorial

Game Lovers, Learners & Developers

In this book, we’ve ensured that game lovers, learners and developers gets to know everything they need to begin developing games by themselves. This tutorial gives a good insight into why we use programming languages like C# build a game.

Medical Folks looking forward to next generation medical facilities

Real-time virtual simulations of medical environments such as hospitals, clinics, and emergency response stations are in huge demand today. It not only helps you to get a better picture of things, but it helps investors look at what they are investing in.

Virtual Reality & Oculus Rift Enthusiasts

Virtual reality is still in its infancy, but it has managed to draw attention from millions across the globe. Oculus is rooted in gaming, but with the trending fascination for virtual reality, it does not need rocket science to tell that Oculus Rift will be supporting countless apps very soon. So gear up to know more about the cutting-edge technology with this tutorial!

Messages from readers

Elsemieke Bisselink

"I’ve always wanted to learn the artistic part of building a game. This tutorial game me a good insight into 3D modeling and texture mapping."

Robert J. Huneycutt

"Well done on the C# part. Most books fail to explain why we use gaming scripts like C# of Js for games. This book starts from the scratch to explain things."

Christa W. McBride

"Decent purchase I’d say! Got a good insight for 9$."

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