Learn to create great Video Tutorials, Corporate Videos & Animations.

Learn to shoot with the right ISO, Exposure & Aperture and then learn to edit them.

What kind of video should you create? What will be most effective to your goal or business? Do all the videos have to be professionally shot? Understand all that you need to kick you off!


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What you will get

Your complete video guide

You get a complete eBook with technical documentations of all that you need to create your own video. The eBook comes in .ePub, .PDF and .Mobi formats.

Do-It-Yourself Experience

Understand the basics such as ISO, Exposure, Aperture etc. by actually doing it. Get to know how to use natural light and three-point lighting for your shoot. Learn how to edit your footage.

Step-by-Step Learning

The book explains Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animations and all that you need to make an awesome video. The step-by-step explanations will help you learn and understand things from the scratch.

What you will learn

The Art of Video Making

A video might do a better job at explaining your view since it engages all the senses and compresses in seconds what would otherwise have been a lengthy write-up.

Using Animations

If you are in the quest to create the best animations, let me warn you that finding out ways to do so can lead to endless (read; surprising) revelations. From branding, to marketing, to games, animations find its place in almost every nook and corner these days.

Editing Process

Perhaps the most important aspect of a video is ‘editing’. The role of an editor goes beyond what meets the eyes. Know how to use editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Also understand how to import files as a footage, assemble a sequence, add transitions etc.

Shooting your video

Know how to shoot videos in a Dslr. Understand the basics such as ISO, Exposure, Aperture etc. Know about your camera setting for pictures and videos. Get to know how to use natural light and three-point lighting for your shoot.

Who is this for ?

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Anyone who is looking to create a video

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting with your Web-cam, Camcorder or Smart-phone. What matters is the content. Stop thinking about camera, lights, microphone or lens for now! Go ahead and start making your own videos. That should kick you off to a great start.


Enthusiasts looking to learn video editing

A video editor need not be a writer, but he or she must know the story structure; he need not be a cameraman, but he must understand pictorial composition and the compatibility of angles; he need not be a director, but he must feel the actors’ performances and the dramatic or comedy pacing as surely as the director

Uber for web tutorial


To be in the competition, you need to be one-step ahead of others. If your business is not making online videos to promote it, you're not only losing out on a great way to promote yourself but you're also missing out on one of the fastest growing segments of digital marketing.

Sample pages from book

DIY guide to create your own Video

About the Author
What You’ll Learn
So where do you start?
Is it too hard to make a video?
Chapter 1: Why Learn making Videos?

The Questions



Amazon Video Shorts



The need for Online Videos

Start with a creative story

Autodidactism — The art of self-teaching

The Story of Richard Linklater

Chapter 2: Types of Video Production

Tutorial Videos

PSA Videos

Webinar Videos


Testimonial Videos

Video Marketing

Chapter 3: Shooting & Production

Shooting videos in Dslr

Camera settings



Setting Shutter Speed and Aperture

Digital Editing

Explainer Videos

Studio Style Videos

Three-point Lighting

Animated Videos

Chapter 4: Editing Software

Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

Importing files as footage

Importing layered files from Photoshop and Illustrator

Setting In and Out Points

Assembling a sequence

Superimposing a title

Creating the title roll or crawl

Adding a Transition

Exporting your video

Chapter 5: Animation Tools

Using Photoshop & Illustrator

Using Blender for 3D Objects & Animation

Using Unity 5

Adobe After Effects

Getting Started with After Effects

Animating Text

Video: One of the best art forms
Social Networking Sphere & Videos

Chapter 1: Why Learn making Videos?

Why is everyone obsessed with ‘videos’ these days? What’s wrong with the world?

Go to Facebook, it’s bombarded with videos. Go to Twitter, Mashable, or go to any of those wanna-be-the-news-makers-of-today websites and what do you see over there? Yeah, Videos.

No wonder, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine today!

And what do you find in YouTube? Starting from elementary doubts like ‘How to iron your shirt’ to something more complex like ‘The origin of universe’; from sweet advices like ‘5 things to do on a date’ to business promotions like ‘The wacky adventures of Ronald Mcdonald’. You find everything in YouTube (yes, you literally do)!

Now consider this, you don’t have the means to take your better half to a movie. So what next?

Bam! You just nailed it with YouTube and a burger, didn’t you! (That is if you managed to survive the trick)

The Questions

Making a video depends heavily on your target audience. We need to answer a few questions before we jump into videos: What kind of video should you create? What will be most effective to your goal or business? What type of videos are already out there for your target audience? Do all the videos have to be professionally shot?

We’ll get to the questions one by one. But now that videos seem to be the way forward, how do you make one for yourself?

Know first that it is a story but be mindful of the medium. There’s a fine line between being descriptive and being inundating. What works as a descriptive text must be distilled to its essence on a video.

I’m sure you always wanted to show something of your own. What could be a better way to express your vision than to start shooting your idea with your camcorder or Dslr? Umm...actually you do have better ways to reach out to the masses! But for that, you’ll have to tap into ‘Virtual Reality’.

Ok folks, come back now. Stop typing ‘Virtual Reality’ in YouTube if that sounds remotely familiar. You can do that later.

Chapter 2: Types of Video Production

Tutorial Videos

For most brands and companies, video tutorials are pretty much their entire spectrum. When they get a chance to showcase something more efficiently, bam! What more do they need? Whether it’s using a cool online tool, setting up a user account, or installing Google maps in your android app,explainer videos cover them all.

Such tutorial videos allow customers to see in action, what it is they’re trying to accomplish. It helps them to learn things sitting at home. They can also be used to simplify hard concepts–after all one can always repeat things in a video.

These videos are great not only for establishing ‘expertness’ and ‘knowledge’ in a field, but for capturing the ‘know how?’ of things. So yes, this is perhaps the future. Why fight through a crowded college door when you can get to know things at the click of a button.

PSA Videos

Public service announcements (PSAs) can be a great way to evoke an emotional response from the masses. Whether you’re non-profit on a limited budget company, or you have some serious cash to spend, such videos do the job for you.

If there is a problem common to a community or a nation, the government often resort to PSAs to gather public support. The impact you have resonates to great degree. Given below is an image from a PSA “Don’t Text and Drive”.

Webinar Videos

A webinar is just an online seminar or a workshop that’s delivered over the internet. You have a host that organizes such an event,and you have attendees attending the event. The attendees can be located anywhere in the world.

News channels use webinar style discussions quite often. Go to RT (Russia Today), Al Zazeera or BBC, you will find webinar videos everywhere. If you’re a fan of ‘The Stream’, you perhaps know what I’m talking about.

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  1. Table Of Contents

  2. Chapter 1

    - Why Learn making Videos?
  3. Chapter 11

    - Types of Video Production

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Video !

Can this day get any better ?

Not convinced? scroll down further!


Ebook content overview

ios tutorial

The approach

In this book, the author has tried to keep the idea of video making straight forward. To put it blatantly, there are enough tutorials out there. But what you miss out on tutorials is the complete package. This book starts from the scratch and covers the entire process of video making, from shooting your video to post-production.

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How to go about with your video

You need to get your viewers interested in seeing your video. How do you expect your viewers to take note of you unless you do not have something in your video for them? So yes, the best way to grab the attention of your viewers is to connect to them and show them the cake.

ios tutorial

Types of Videos

Now there are a number of things that you definitely need to know while making a video. Different kinds of videos are more effective for different kinds of objectives. Get to know PSAs, Webinars, Tutorials, Animations, and Testimonials etc.

ios tutorial

Digital Editing

Digital editing process has helped in speeding up the process; especially short, internet-ready videos need a few tweaks here and there. Nowadays, you’ll never shoot a perfect video from start-to-finish in one take. To be fare, it’s not even possible to do that.

ios tutorial

Movie maker

The movie maker handles basic tasks pretty well. From trimming clips to adding subtitles in a video, you could do the basic touch ups easily with windows movie maker. You also have the option of transitions and soundtracks but that often seems limited when compared to a pro-video-editing tool like Abode Premiere Pro.

ios tutorial

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere pro is definitely more expensive when compared to basic video editing tools. It provides more powerful features and greater flexibility for experienced video editors. It’s worth mentioning that several blockbuster Hollywood films have been edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.

ios tutorial

Animation Tools

If you are in the quest to create the best animations, let me warn you that finding out ways to do so can lead to endless (read; surprising) revelations. From branding, to marketing, to games, animations find its place in almost every nook and corner these days. Thankfully, we have a handful of programs and software that makes animations affordable and easy.

ios tutorial

Unity 5

Unity is a cross-platform game creation system developed by Unity Technologies, including a game engine and integrated development environment (IDE). It is used to develop video games for web sites, desktop platforms, consoles, and mobile devices. However, the usage of Unity goes beyond gaming.

Messages from readers

Uber for web tutorial

Roberta T. Ferebee

"I was going through a lot of video editing tutorials. Must say this book has reduced my task of going through a hundred different sources. I have everything in a single book now."

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Bruna Rocha Castro

"The book not only gives a good insight to video editing software but it covers the art of storytelling too. If you are new to making videos, this is the right book for you."

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Jibril Abbud Safar

"A good purchase I’d say. The basics of animations are covered well in this book."

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