Uber for Courier

To create uber like apps for your courier service business

Full source code + Documentation

Tutorial plus full source code to create an uber like app. Why depend on others when you can do it on your own?

Tutorial + eBook : Coming Soon


Here is a list of power-packed features that will give wings to your app.


Extensive Admin Panel

A thoroughly researched admin panel for every category of business makes sure that you control all aspects of what your customers and service providers experience.


Real-time Tracking Using Maps

Track your customer and cab in real time using our smooth real-time map tracking facility. This will certainly keep you off the unnecessary calls and confusions.


Turnkey One and All

Want to just start and run your business and not worry about technology? Our solution does exactly that.


Technical Service

Allow us to help you build your app and we shall leave no stone unturned to keep your app flawless. To ensure that you have the best technical support, we go to the extent of hand-picking our team.


End to End Documentation

We don’t just give you a script; we document the whole thing and ensure that you make the most of it. Our end-to-end documentation will teach you how to develop it from the scratch. Does that get any better if you’re an entrepreneur, developer or a learning enthusiast?


In App Payments

Give your customers the ease of in-app payments like market leaders. Instill faith in your services, and see your business soar! And more than anything else, upgrade your service so that it remains on top of others at all times.


Customer needs courier service

Customer registers his location to send out a courier. Based on the location of the user, the app will initiate the process.


The user will have options to view details of the service provider.


Once the courier is delivered, the user will have the option to review the service provider.

Two way Communication

In the app, the user can start communicating with the provider to give them information regarding where the courier needs to be delivered.

Delivery made- Payment charged

Once the delivery is done, the user makes the payment.

Rate It!

The user gets the chance to rate the quality of the service rendered.


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Uber for web tutorial

jared fitch

"A tutorial so simple that helped even a non techie like me create an app without any assistance. To the team at ScriptMode, Kudos!"

Uber for web tutorial

Allison Grayce

"Created the app as a trial version for my business. It works splendid. I’ve been using the same ever since.There has never been a dull day at work."

Uber for web tutorial

Marcos Moralez

"A splendid tutorial for creating on demand apps at just $99!! Why didn’t I know about this before!"

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for just $99

  • Android app for Passengers
  • Android app for Drivers
  • iOS app for Passengers
  • iOS app for Drivers
  • Website that works in sync with the apps.
  • Admin Panel to control everything.
Questions? Shoot a mail to: contact@scriptmode.com