Build a money minting Community powered social commerce portal like Polyvore

100% Source Code + eBook

In this tutorial, learn to create a state of the art social commerce platform like Polyvore. Learn to create features like adding a product, creating a collection, publishing products added by people etc.
Technology Stack: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, GruntJS, MongoDB


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What you will get?

A well-explained eBook

You get an eBook that explains each and every aspect of creating a social ecommerce website like Polyvore from the scratch. You’ll get to learn how to add products, create collections, and publish products etc.

100% Source Code

You will get 100% source code along with the eBook. The source code will help you go live instantly and on top it, feel free to customize your website to your needs.

Step-by-Step Learning

We’ve explained things in a proper order and made sure that you get a step-by-step explanation of how to build a web application like Polyvore.

What will you learn?

Creating a Web Application

Learn how to create a web application using Ruby on Rails.

Frontend Development

The front end is managed with browser for dependency management, gruntjs for task handling.

Angular JS

Learn AngularJs as the front end framework and Bootstrap the framework style.

Coupled UI Components

Contains completely functional and loosely coupled UI components that can be used anywhere

Adding Products

Adding a product is simple. Just copy paste the correct product page url from Amazon and add it.

Trending Products

In the home page trending, popular and featured products show up, which can be filtered by price.

Who is this for?

Uber for web tutorial

Ruby on Rails & Angular JS Beginners

This eBook is perfect for Ruby on Rails beginners. The backend is written in ruby on rails. We followed the conventional way to architect code and beginners will have no issues understanding the structure.

Uber for web tutorial

Entrepreneurs & Businesses

The model on which this script is built is a money minting model ie. like Wanelo, Polyvore etc. Products from different eCommerce portals are added by the community & as users click on it and purchase, you get tremendous affiliate income!

Developers & Enthusiasts

For the budding developers and enthusiasts, we have covered various aspects in great details for Angular JS and Ruby on Rails. Our models, service, controllers are easy to understand and most of the things are pretty straight forward and follows the rails conventional ways to do stuff.

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Design files!

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Messages from readers

Uber for web tutorial

Olga K. Armstrong

"An apt tutorial for Ruby on Rails. The framework is new and this tutorial does justice to beginners."

Uber for web tutorial

Sallie M. Johnson

"The pricing is just amazing for this package. Wow! A lot of things covered and I get to learn everything. "

Uber for web tutorial

Kaily Wood

"Woah... Just check out the Technology stack used to build this: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, GruntJS, MongoDB... boy, this is a hell of a script!"

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