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A unique DIY CookBook

to create an like site on Laravel/PHP

This book takes you through all the things you need to create a site like with detailed information on MySQL, LARAVEL framework and PHP tutorials.


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What you will get

A PHP tutorial & LARAVEL tutorial

to make a website like with all the steps explained in details.

A DIY eBook

to make you understand the concept behind everything. You will get it in in .ePub, .PDF and .Mobi formats.

Full source code(PHP, LARAVEL)

to make a website like without the help of developers.

What you will learn

PHP Tutorial

To understand the server-side scripting language for web development.

Laravel Framework

To understand the PHP application framework.

Login page

You understand the process, carried out by a user to access an application.


You get the chance to work on JQuery and develop your skills over time.

Responsive Layout

You get all you need to learn how to develop a website with a responsive layout.

Admin Panel

Learn how to control your website using the Admin Panel. We give you all the important information required to master that.

Who is this for ?

Enterprisers & Investors

Looking to start something like and you don't know where to begin? is not just a platform, it gives people to showcase themselves on various grounds and this clone will help you do that without having to depend on anyone. This book will certainly help you to strategize according to your needs.

Web Developers

You have detailed information on PHP tutorials, MySQL and LARAVEL framework. Some of them are among the latest trends in the web developing arena and if your are into web development, you certainly have a big fish to catch!


You will learn everything that you need to know to create your virtual portfolio and connect your online presence to a single platform. This eBook has been written keeping in mind that you get all the concepts without having to refer anywhere else.

Sample pages from book

DIY Tutorial For A Web Application Like


Road Map to this book

Getting Started

Installation of Laravel

Create a Virtual Host

Installation of Aboutme package






Directly login from the application

Code: For Registration.

Code Description .

Code: Logging into the application .

Code Description

Code: Forgot Password .

Code: Reset Password .

Loggin in using Facebook Account

User Dashboard .

Navigation Bar

Search Bar


Code Description

Create New Posts





Code Description




Code Description


Road Map to this book

Brief overview of the topics


In this topic, you will learn about the basic file structure of this application.

Getting Started?

In this topic, we will be informed about the various prerequisites you would need before you get started.

Installation of aboutme Package

In this topic, you will learn how to install Yelp package and understand its features.

Developing User Panel

In this topic, codes to develop the user panel are illustrated along with simplified explanations.

Developing Admin Panel

In this topic, codes to develop the admin panel are illustrated along with simplified explanations.

Getting Started

Follow the instructions to successfully install Laravel PHP Framework:


It would be advantageous to install the following software in an Ubuntu terminal window.Road Map to this book 3 Prior to Installation of Laravel PHP Framework

Before installation of Laravel ensure that you have the following installed in your Ubuntu terminal.

If you already have it great, if not then we have categorically stated the commands that needs to be used to download it all

Chapter IV - Views

Views contain the HTML served by your application, and serve as a convenient method of separating your controller and domain logic from your presentation logic. Views are stored in resources/views directory.

Admin View

As illustrated in the image below, all codes to views for admin panel can be found by following the path:

Code: For Registration.


Route::get('/register', array( 'as' => 'register', function() { return View::make('regi\ster');}))->before('guest');Route::post('/register','userController@register')->before('guest');


1 public function register(){try{$rules = array('email' => 'required|email','password' => 'r\
2equired','name' => 'required','username' => 'required|alpha_dash');$validator = Validator:\
3 :make(Input::all(), $rules);if ($validator->fails()){return Redirect::route('register')->w\
4 ithErrors($validator);}// Create the user$user = Sentry::createUser(array('email' => \
5 Input::get('email'),'password' => Input::get('password'),'name' => Input::get('name')\
6 ,'username' => Input::get('username'),'plan_id' => 1,'activated' => false));// Find th\
7 e group using the group name$userGroup = Sentry::findGroupByName('users');// Assign the gr\
8 oup to the user$user->addGroup($userGroup);$activationCode = $user->getActivationCode();$a\
9 ctivationLink = URL::to('authenticate')."?email=".$_POST['email']."&code=".$activationCode\
10 ;$payload = array('message' => array('subject' => 'Activation mail','html' => ' '.trans('notifications.activationlinktext').' ','from_email' => 'a\
12','to' => array(array('email'=>$_POST['email']))));$response = Mandrill::reques\
13rExistsException $e){return Redirect::route('register')
14 ->withInput(Input::except('password'))
15 ->with('error', trans('notifications.userexists'));}}

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  1. Table Of Contents

  2. Chapter I

    - Road Map to this book
  3. Chapter II

    - Views

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Design files!

Can this day get any better ?!

Not convinced? scroll down further


Ebook content overview

ebook landing page chapter overview

The approach

We've followed a simple approach to explain things to you. Creating a page like needs basic knowledge on the serve side programming and we offer you that.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Entire Source code

Our PHP tutorial, Laravel and MySQL lessons come with the entire source code. The source code is beneficial for you to get a hands-on experience to create a like page.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Installation guide

Our package comes with a complete installation guide. Each and every step is explained in details to ensure that you do not need any external help once you buy our package.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Frame-by-frame development

You will see a format that adheres to the requirements of someone who has no experience in developing something like site. The author has separated each module with snapshots and codes to keep things crisp and clear.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Login Page

We have a Facebook login page for all sites these days. You get to understand the importance of it and all the intricacies for creating such a page.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Design Layout

One of the most important features of a website is the design layout. We have included a detailed chapter and tutorials to make you understand how to create responsive designs in a website.

ebook landing page chapter overview

PHP Tutorial & Laravel Framework

Server side programming is a must and we have included PHP tutorials, Laravel framework tutorial, MySQL lessons and others to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

Messages from readers

Adrian Mark

"Cheers to the author for coming up with something like this! I personally find this tutorial very informative. I'm glad to find that this book deals straight to the point without beating around the bush."

Tatyana Elvira

"I'm surprised to see that PHP tutorial and Laravel framework has been explained with such simplicity. The concepts are easy to grasp and the step-by-step assistance is a fairly good way to get about with it."

Caleb Ryan

"The source code seems well organized. I did my research and I was looking for ways to develop pages in the easiest way. This is definitely a package worthwhile."

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