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A thoughtfull Oculus Rift app ideas eBook

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What you will learn

Virtual reality

The sweet spots that really make people addicted to VR and devices enabling it

Oculus rift ideas

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Sample pages from book

Chapter - I

What is Oculus Rift and Why Should You Care?

Chapter - II

The Psychology of Virtual Reality

- Humans, Illusions and Virtual Reality

- Virtual Reality – The Latest Addiction

- The Psychological Effects of VR Gaming

Chapter - III

Why Should You Develop Games for Oculus Rift?

- The Difference Between Mobile Games, Console Games and VR Games

- The Possibility of Porting Regular Games to the VR Platform

- The Virtual Route to Fame and Fortune

Chapter - IV

5 High-Potential VR Game Ideas

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Chapter - V

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Chapter I - What is Oculus Rift and Why Should You Care?

If you’re a fan of the sci-fi TV show, Futurama, you might remember an episode in which the cast of the show “visits” the internet (in the 31st century) using nothing but a set of virtual display helmets and accessories.

The internet of this future allows users to play games, use chat rooms and even deal with advertisements, all in the form of a virtual avatar, rendered by the helmets and gear. While weare still far away from having such advanced technology, we have got the virtual display helmet part ready!

Virtual reality technology has been in development for decades, although we are only beginning to see the fruits of labor of several researchers worldwide. Perhaps the first successful commercial product is the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality helmet developed by Oculus VR; a company founded by Brendan Iribe and Palmer Lucky. The product is considered successful despite not being released to the public yet, because the company has been acquired by the popular social-networking c ompany, Facebook, in a deal worth $2 billion.

Oculus VR has been in existence only for two years, but the technology powering the Oculus Rift has been evolving since the 90s. The headset allows the user to get completely immersed in a virtual world rendered by a computer. The primary application of the Oculus Rift is to play video games, but there are several other practical applications as well, which we shall examine shortly.

Chapter II - The Psychology of Virtual Reality

Anyone who has played a demo game using the Oculus Rift will tell you that it was a gaming experience like never before. Several people are excited about the possibilities of virtual reality gaming. However, very few people understand why they’re excited about the platform in the first place. After all, this isn’t a radically new piece of technology. And video games have existed for several decades. So why is it that people are so thrilled and excited about the possibilities of virtual reality gaming? To understand this, we need to explore the psychology of virtual reality.

Did You Know?

Facebook acquired Oclus VR in March 2014 for $2 billion in cash and stock.

Humans, Illusions and Virtual Reality

Before the advent of movies, television or computers, people used to visit the circus or a magic show, for entertainment. At these places, they used to be enthralled with the numerous illusions that the magicians or artists would perform. Magic shows might have decreased in number today, but their popularity hasn’t waned. People still love to watch a good magic trick.

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  • Table Of Contents

  • Chapter I

    - What is Oculus Rift?
  • Chapter II

    - The Psychology of Virtual Reality

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Herbert Marcelino

" Being an indie app developer, all I had in mind was creating games for Oculus Rift in the same manner I did for mobile. I should admit, this eBook totally gave me a different dimension. Lemme warn, this aint a technical eBook - it rather guides you to think in the Virtual reality way to make stuff in the Oculus Rift"

Pia Donata

"I have done my share of research online. To be honest, this is the only material on the web that actually speaks about Oculus Rift in a phsycological manner, that opens up your thoughts in a way like never before!"

Carlos Francisco

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