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Create Notifications for your Android Applications

DIY Tutorial + 100% Source Code

This CookBook helps you to attire notification to your application. From development to integration of notification, the step-by-step manual will help you throughout.


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What you will get

An Ebook

Notifications has become an important part for any application. This cook book is a self help book for developers who are seeking help to incorporate notification into their application.

Do-It-Yourself Experience

This guide helps any individual to understand about the process of integrating Notifications to your application.This guide allows one to handle the integration process without any external help.

Step-by-Step Learning

This book is a perfect guide for the demonstration of notification. It aids the developer with sequential produce to embed notification into the application.

What you will learn

To build both notification modules

Learn to implement Toast Notification and Status Bar Notification in your application.

Integrate the Notification Feature

You can incorporate the module to your own Applications.

Who is this for ?

Uber for web tutorial


Since most of the Start-up owners have decided to put their hands on technology , inflating Notification into the business application can get better of everything for the customers.


Notification is an integral part for the Application making, so developers can make use of this book to that exemplifies Notification Attributes.


Since Android is the first priority for the Learners now, Notification is half the way into mastering the app making.

Messages from readers

Anthony T. Murphy

"The book is great! I was looking forward for this module since I wanted to use notification in my incomplete applications."

Patricia T. Black

"Notification is easily explained in the book, the other books that I got have given unnecessary pointless theory and no implementation. This module have aptly explained the essentials."

Sherry E. Pemberton

"As a beginner, I think the book gives deep insight to the subject. The author has done fair to the topic by giving good examples and explanations."

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