Learn to create mobile apps that connect to IoT device.

iOS + Android tutorial

Comes with complete source code

Present in this powerful Tutorial & Source code are the most wanted information & code to connect with any iOT device via BLE.

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Tutorial Launch Date: May 29th


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What you will get

An eBook

That comes with complete explanations on how to create mobile applications for the Internet of Things devices all on your own.

Step-by-Step tutorials

To help even a non-techie glide through the technicalities in creating an app with complete ease.

Full Source code of the apps

Need an app right away? Just deploy our source code and have it ready instantly, in no time.

What you will learn

Android app development

Hands On in creating an android mobile app

iOS app development

Hands On in creating a mobile application for iOS operating platform.

Data Retrieving from Hardware

Essential algorithms and coding to retrieve data from hardware and display them at the app.

Hardware Monitoring and Control

To not only monitor the hardware but also control them with just the mobile app

Algorithms and more

Those come in handy in creating mobile applications to suit any hardware.

All things Essential

All necessary features in creating mobile applications in both operating systems from scratch.

Who is this for ?


Entrepreneurs with just the expertise in hardware but not much into software can simply download the tutorial and create mobile apps on their own or have beginner developers create one for them.


App developers & iOS enthusiasts

The tutorial comes as a boon to those professional developers with the desire to move to the next level in mobile application development. Simply download the tutorial and learn all you need to not just survive but to be pro in app development, independently.


A tutorial so simple that would guide beginner developers learn to create mobile apps for both operating systems with complete ease but without any expert assistance.

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Design files!

Can this day get any better ?!

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Ebook content overview

ebook landing page chapter overview

The approach

Assisting any developer with the need to create and pair mobile applications to a hardware device.

ios tutorial

The Basics

All fundamentals in creating mobile applications in iOS and android platforms for IoT devices.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Entire Source code

Deploy an app right away with the full source code coming with the tutorial.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Screen-by-screen making

A step by step explanation on creating mobile apps with sample codes and screenshots all along.

Uber for web tutorial

Access and control

All steps in accessing all features of hardware with just the app.

ios tutorial


Designing the app splendidly is as important as any other feature. We show you how.

ebook landing page chapter overview


Learn how to integrate the app with notifications so users can be notified on any minor issues at the hardware.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Installation guide

Not just creating the app, the tutorial also guides you to install iOS and android apps at the concerned stores.

Messages from readers

Geller T.

Always wondered how software can wirelessly control hardware. Never knew it was simple and I can do on my own. To the team at Leanrsauce, Gracias!!

Anilah Fu

You don’t really find a tutorial on how to integrate an app with a hardware device. ScriptMode had managed to create one. KUDOS!!

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