Google Cloud Messaging Integration for Mobile Apps

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Ever wondered from where all those push messages are generated? How does your Android Phone know when an email has arrived or an update for an app is available? Well the answer to this is simple. This is the cloud magic of Google Cloud Messaging or popularly known as GCM. Want to learn it? Then this tutorial is your guide that will effortlessly take you through the process of integrating GCM in your Android application. Trust us this is no hello-world-kinda tutorial, this is the real deal!


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What you will get

100% Source code of a full functional Android app

in which GCM is implimented end-to-end. Check the DEMO HERE!

100% Source code of a full functional IOS app

in which GCM is implimented end-to-end.

100% Source code of a web version

that powers the above apps. Done using Node.js, Mongo DB etc.

An eBook that in a step-by-step manner handhelds

you through the process of integrating Google Cloud Messaging in your Android apps

Full Source code

Of the apps, using which you can instantly run Google Cloud Messaging in your Android app.

A video tutorial

that makes the process easier and that satisfies your need for audio and visual learning.

What you will learn

All things Essential

The tutorial is the best as it teaches you everything you need to learn while integrating Google Cloud Messaging in any Android application.

Gain Universal Knowledge

The knowledge you gain from this tutorial will help you integrate Google Cloud Messaging in every Android app you develop.

Who is this for ?

Uber for web tutorial


Queuing and delivery of all messages to the intended Android application that is running on a particular device is handled seamlessly by GCM services. Benefits of having this on your ambitious Android app are galore. For entrepreneurs who want their app to rule the roost, this tutorial is your guide to effortlessly integrate GCM in your app.


Android enthusiasts

All you android developers, there is no escaping GCM when you are building that kickass application. This tutorial gives you the Source Code and everything you need to seamlessly integrate GCM in your app. Now, you no longer have to deal with obscure theoretical rubbish.

Uber for web tutorial


We don’t mean to scare the beginners but GCM is quite complicated. But do not worry, this step-by-step tutorial has you all covered. You can now learn the process of integrating GCM in any Android application like a PRO!

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Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Video !

Can this day get any better ?!

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Messages from readers

Uber for web tutorial

Serena Baker

"GCM has always haunted me. But this tutorial just made it all look so unbelievably simple and easy to understand!"

Uber for web tutorial

Christoph Schmidt

"I was a diehard advocate of Linda until I came across this tutorial. It gave me all the right steps and guidance to successfully integrate GCM in my Android app.You guys have surely converted me to be a dedicated LearnSauce follower."

Uber for web tutorial

Xi Chang

"Now this was easy! Just follow the steps and you’re done. I’m glad that I didn’t have to go through a complicated tutorial to break things down."

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