Intermediate’s Android Studio Tonic!

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Google’s Android Studio has busted the cracks in eclipse further and entrenched into the palp ability of Android Application Development successfully. With such credibility, it’s fair to shift the spotlight to Android Studio. This book is an effective illustrator on Android Studio that gives the readers and the developers deep insight of how to develop a full-fledged Application using Android Studio.


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What you will get


A complete guide for Android Studio while creating full-fledged applications alongside. You get a complete eBook with technical documentations of all that you need to create your own application.

Do-It-Yourself Experience

Understand the basics of Android while using Android Studio Framework component. Learn to import sample projects and how to upload projects in GitHub.

Step-by-Step Learning

The book covers every components of Android Studio by using shortcuts. The step-by-step explanations will help you develop an application from the scratch.

Source Code

Using the source code available you can take reference for creating your own Android Application.

What you will learn

The Components of Android Studio

Android Studio helps in contemplating Android application with its redefined gradle and user-interface.

Creating Application

It helps to develop decent applications with step-by-step guide to use all the components available in Android Studio.

Manage Gradle

As Gradle is a new concept, the book gives a deeper insight of the flow of the gradle and it’s important in application making to upload and retrieve projects from other developers.

Accessing GitHub

The GitHub repository is universally famous for version control, Android supports implicity access to GitHub.

Who is this for ?

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Anyone who wants to learn Android Studio

If you are an application developer and looking ahead to learn Android Studio which is replacing Eclipse now. This book is a complete reference for Android Studio.


Beginners And Intermediates

If you have just started with android application, Android Studio is a long- way- to-go technology to start with. The detailed information is tailor-made for the newbies, who are fascinated by the wonder Android.

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If you are an excited entrepreneurs looking to outsource application to be integrated in your business, Let me tell you that you can do it on your own. It is always good to have technology in your hands than depending on others to develop and maintain.

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Video !

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Messages from readers

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Maria Johns

"This book is helpful. As a developer I would like to state that working with Android Studio is far better that eclipse. The book helped me to understand the intricate components of Android Studio."

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Smith Flechin

"I knew how to use Android Studio but was not aware of importing sample projects. Importing non-Android Studio projects also works. The book explains all the flexible angles of Android Studio."

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Sally E. Fontaine

"I have downloaded both the version for beginners and intermediates. I am highly impressed with content and the explanation that helped me to create an application on my own."


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