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You learn how to make a web application like Eventbrite using Laravel in this tutorial.

Getting just the source code is not enough, is it? Here we have detailed information on LARAVEL framework and PHP in this tutorial.


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What you will get

A PHP tutorial & LARAVEL tutorial

To make a website like Eventbrite with all the steps explained in details.

A DIY eBook

To make you understand the concept behind everything. You will get it in .ePub, .PDF and .Mobi formats.

Full source code(PHP, LARAVEL)

to make a website like Eventbrite. Why look for developers when you have the source code and the eBook to guide you step by step?

What you will learn

The concept behind Eventbrite

Eventbrite took a technology-first approach with their event planning software. So it doesn’t matter if you’re planning a massive concert or a college fest—the planning software handles the basics, i.e. customized event page, online ticket selling channel, information about attendees etc.

Building a web application like Eventbrite

This DIY tutorial will help you understand the server-side scripting language for web development, and then there is the PHP tutorial included in the package. Understanding the Laravel PHP framework will keep you updated with the latest changes.

Installation of Packages, Server Requirements

Packages allow the web developer to install various features in their web application. It saves themthe trouble to develop such applications from scratch. While building your Eventbrite platform you will need certain packages and that is made easy in this tutorial.

Developing the Admin Panel & User Panel

Apart from learning the basic server requirements and various other procedures, you learn to develop the user and the admin panel with step by step explanations for each codes.

Who is this for ?

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Entrepreneurs & Investors

Looking to start something like Eventbrite and you are clueless about it? Our Eventbrite clone is not just a package, it is a complete tutorial that will help you build an amazing web application without having to depend on anyone. This book will certainly help you to strategize according to your needs.


Web Developers

Beginners and intermediate web developers have all that they need in this DIY tutorial. They say that the best way to learn is to get started on that work! You have detailed information on PHP tutorials, server side codes and LARAVEL framework. So developers, you certainly have your tonic if you haven’t worked on such projects.

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Learners & Enthusiasts

You will learn everything that you need to know to create an awesome web application like Eventbrite. This eBook has been written keeping in mind that you get all the concepts without having to ask anyone while working on it.

Sample pages from book

Eventbrite DIY Tutorial

About the Author
How This Book is Organized
Server Requirements
Eventbrite Features
Chapter 1: Introduction

Planning an event

Event Marketing

Managing Corporate Events

Eventbrite: Connecting the dots

Eventbrite:Creating your event

Designing your event

Categories for Events

Cost Factor

Chapter 2: Get Started




Chapter 3: Installation of the Eventbrite Package

Server Requirements

Installation Procedure



User Panel Views

Chapter 4:Developing of the User Panel

Home Page



Forgot Password

Reset Password

Verify User

Create Event

My Tickets

My Events

My Organizer Profile

Account Settings


Chapter 5: Developing the Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Admin Login

Admin Dashboard

Get Index


Facebook Settings

SEO Settings

Paypal Settings

User Management




Chapter 1: Introduction

Planning an event

Ah, what a boring day! Let’s get high on something. Not necessarily ‘intoxicating’ high—it can be a sugar-high, thrill-high; or may be let’s just get out to some ‘event’! Most of the things that we come across on a daily basis seem irrelevant—but it’s that ‘irrelevance’ that pushes us to go out and do something different. If you’re into marketing, I guess you found your tonic for the day. Marketing has its own dynamics. You cannot really compare the various aspects of it but wait a second…did you ever think that events have a marketing side to it at the end of the day? Or you’re just too busy thinking of “How to get two tickets for a One Direction show?”

Event Marketing

Ideating on random things might give you something worthwhile! One such strategy is event marketing—a promotional strategy that involves face-to-face contact between companies and their customers. Special events like concerts, fairs, and sports are used as a means of attracting crowd for the interaction. In fact, brands use event marketing platforms like concerts, live shows and games to reach out to consumers. The practice works out mostly because it engages consumers while they are in a willing-to-participate frame of mind.

Some interesting studies on event marketing show that about58% of event marketing participants happen to purchase the marketed product after the event and 86% of these consumers end up being regular customers. A successful event marketing campaign is one provides value to attendees (not just information about a product or service). Playing around with event marketing is a lot different when compared to traditional advertising.

Yes, when you broadcast your product on general television, you literally blast a million customers. But what if you wanted to target specific customers, or individuals, or specific groups? The biggest motive of event marketing campaigns is to target audience correctly and create an experience that remains with the audience. Even marketing can be of great advantage if you are trying to build up a brand. The most effective events not only portray a positive image of the brand. It also creates a buzz long after the completion of the event.

Chapter 4:Developing of the User Panel

Once you’re done installing the Eventbolt package, you need to jump on to developing the user panel. So what exactly is the user panel? Simply put,a panel simply describes what information will be sent to the user’s display screen. There are specific panels in a website such as user panel, admin panel and so on; which are basically platforms to control your website. Developing the user panel means developing all the parts of your website where your users have access.

In this chapter, we will learn how to develop the user panel with step-by-step illustrations. For those who are new to web development, you need to worry!

Home Page

Home screen or landing page is the web-page that you see after you type the URL for a particular website. Eventbrite has a clean and user friendly home screen. The following code will help you develop the home page for our Eventbrite like event management platform. Given below is a snapshot of our Eventbolt home screen


1 Route::get('/', "EventsController@events");


1 public function events(
2 {
3 $vars['pageTitle'] = "Events";
6 $vars['cats'] = EventCategory::all();
7 $vars['events'] = null;
10 }

Code Explanation

When a user searches for the web application on their browser, the route code mentioned above takes the command to the EventsController where the home page functions are present. Once the route.php redirects to EventsController with a function name ‘events’, you have the following things happening inside the public function events(). First of all we have a variable $vars assigned as events for the page title. In the second variable, everything in the event category is displayed in the homepage. Views typically contain the HTML of your application and provide a convenient way of separating your controller and domain logic from your presentation logic. return View::make(‘event.events’,$vars); is used to return the view to the browser and an array of data that should be made available to the view.

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  1. Table Of Contents

  2. Chapter 1

    - Introduction
  3. Chapter 4

    - Developing of the User Panel

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Video !

Can this day get any better ?!

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Ebook content overview

Uber for web tutorial

The approach

The approach is straight forward in this book. We introduce a particular module first, then we share explain the codes so that you understand what you’re doing. Creating a web application like Eventbrite needs basic knowledge on the serve side programming and we offer you that.

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Entire Source code

Our PHP tutorial, Laravel lessons come with the entire source code. The source code is beneficial for you to get a hands-on experience to create an awesome web application like Eventbrite.

Uber for web tutorial

Installation guide

Our package comes with a complete installation guide. You can install our Eventbolt script in any type of hosting ( Shared hosting/ VPS/ Cloud/ Dedicatedserver ). Each and every step is explained in details to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

Uber for web tutorial

Step by step learning

It is indeed a challenge for an author to target an audience who has no experience in developing something like Eventbrite web application. The author has separated each module with snapshots and codes to keep things crisp and clear.

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PHP Tutorial & Laravel Framework

Well, you can’t just leave out the server side programming. It is a must and we have included PHP tutorials, Laravel framework tutorial, and other lessons to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

Uber for web tutorial

Developing the User Panel

Once you’re done installing the Eventbolt package, you need to jump on to developing the user panel. So what exactly is the user panel and how do you develop it? You get to learn all that in this book.

Uber for web tutorial

Developing the Admin Panel

One of the most challenging task is to develop the admin panel for Eventbolt. Given the nature of the web application, it is important that the admins have control over a wide range of things. Get to know all that with this book.

Messages from readers

Shaila Roy

"Initially I was excited about the source code. But when I started doing it, I realized that the source code was secondary. I actually got to learn the process."

Johnson Fernandez

"I'm surprised to see that such a web platform has been explained with such simplicity. The concepts are easy to grasp and the step-by-step assistance decent enough."

John Smith

"Hey guys, I haven’t worked on Laravel framework before. Thanks to the detailed information on that, it really help me."

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