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Comprehensive XML Parser tutorial with ready-to-deploy source code

Nobody builds their app’s functionality from scratch. Calling APIs and parsing data is a common developmental practice. This tutorial walks you through the process of making a simple API call to a weather service provider and then parse the XML response to extract and only the relevant information.


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What you will get

An Ebook

On XML Parser connect to Android app that brilliantly explains and effortlessly aids you to integrate BroadcastReceiver to your Android app.

Full Source Code

Using which you can in no time effectively, seamlessly and effortlessly implement XML Parser connect in your Android app.

What you will learn

All Things Essential

This tutorial is your go to eBook. It is only here that you will learn how to implement XML Parser to your Android app.

Gain Universal Knowledge

Learn how to make API calls from your app and parse the server response that can be in JSON or XML format. This tutorial covers XML parsing.

Who is this for ?

Non-tech Entrepreneurs

Who want to integrate XML parser to Android App. Just download this tutorial along with the FREE source code & give it to any novice developer and get the app up and running in a snap!

Android Enthusiasts

This unique tutorial is the first of its kind! It is a step by step tutorial for creating hot android apps. Executing the steps inside will instantly make you a PRO mobile app developer.


The tutorial comes with all the steps to help a beginner or newbie developer to integrate XML parser to Android app seamlessly.

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"A detailed reference and content makes it so easy and simple to integrate in my app. Now, I can add theXML Parser module instantly!"

Elliot Atkinson

"After lots of searching online I at last found a tutorial with properly teaches how to parse XML. I really needed it for my project. Thanks ScriptMode."

Michael Himmel

"This was what I was looking for. Even though Java is just a little foreign to me explanation was very clear. Thanks."

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An expert Tutorial on
XML Parser
for Android apps

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  • 50+ pages expert eBook
  • 100% Source Code
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

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