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A one-of-a-kind DIY CookBook
for creating a BuzzFeed like site


This tutorial in simple details will handhold you through the process of creating a site like BuzzFeed using PHP, MySQL on the LARAVEL framework.


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What you will get

PHP Tutorial & Laravel Framework

Server side programming is a must and we have included PHP tutorials, Laravel framework tutorial, MySQL lessons and others to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

Rating & Share Features

A website like BuzzFeed thrives on rating and post sharing features. Get all the information you need for such features in this tutorial.

Messages from readers

Evelyn Joseph

"Simple and straight to the point! This tutorial hands down is one of the best I have referred to in a while. "

Mike Fanning

"I always thought it was close to impossible to simplify a DIY web tutorial. This book is a classic example that anything can be explained in a jargon free manner. "

Richard Wadlock

"I am impressed! Giving out source codes that is perfect and so simple to understand is a brilliant thing indeed."

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